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This information will be helpful for affiliates and those viewers who have home,  C-band satellite equipment.

C-Band Satellite Coordinates

Satellite:                      Galaxy 19

Location:                     97 Degrees W.L.

Band:                             C-Band

Transponder:             7

Polarity:                       Vertical

FEC:                              ¾

Frequency:                  3851.44750 or 3851 if only four digits allowed

Symbol Rate:              3532 msps

Data Rate:                   4.883

Format:                        Mpeg-4

Aspect ratio:                4:3 SD

Modulation:                 DVB-S

Primary Audio:           Stereo

Secondary Audio:       Mono-Cue Tones


 PMT                             200

Video                           255

PCR                               255

Audio 1                        256

Audio 2                        258

Teletext                       260

AMOL                          260

Mono/Cue Tones are found on audio channels 3&4 or “secondary” audio channels

Cue tones are provided for every :60 spot in the broadcast day

Cue tone start:             048* (with 6 sec pre-roll)

Return to net:              048#

Master Control:           727-375-2500


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