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New Film Committee at NRB?

Jim at ICVMWalk TV President Jim West is shown here at the June, 2013 meeting of ICVM-International Christians in Visual Media Convention in St. Louis. He was there in his capacity at Chair of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) TV-Film Committee. He was reporting that the NRB Executive Committee has recommended to the entire board that a new, standing Film Committee be established at the upcoming Board meeting October 1st in Washington D.C. The independent film committee was the initiative of a group of Christian film-makers who petitioned the NRB for a greater role in the organization. Says West, “We are pleased that this grass-roots effort by a group of concerned faith-based film producers, directors, actors and staff has born fruit. We on the TV Committee applaud their initiative and look forward to helping the new committee in any way possible to encourage the use this power medium for the cause of the Gospel of Christ.”

In Memoriam

Debra “Debbie” Lou Wright West (61) went home to be with her Lord on September 22nd. She was born in St. Augustine, FL on September 15, 1951. Raised in Birmingham, AL, she moved with her family to New Port Richey in 1967. She was a social-work graduate of the University of Louisville. She worked for Indiana Public Welfare, The Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, The Children’s Home Society and grew Adoption By Choice into one of the largest adoption agencies in Florida. She participated in more than 1,000 adoptions. In more recent years, she served as the VP for Affiliations for the Pasco Co. based theWALKtv national television network.

She was an active member of First Baptist Church, New Port Richey, FL.

She is survived by her parents, Dan and Mary Lou Wright, her husband of 42 years, Jim, two sisters, Dee Parr and Dana Holmes, all of New Port Richey; two children, Dr. Chris (Megan) West of Parker, CO and Christi (Adam) Armatas of NPR. She was the beloved grandmother to Lane (10), London (8), Kale (5) and Kole (1). She also was a cherished aunt to many and a friend to hundreds.

NRB 2012

The Exhibition Hall is where we spend much of our time describing to attendees our programming and meeting many of our affiliates and programmers. We’re always looking out for new programming, some of which debut in April.

Programmers Charlene Baktamarian (God’s View) and Lana Garner (Real Talk, God’s View) at the registration desk on the Exhibition Floor.

The traditional TV Reception this year has become a game night in an effort to bring younger attendees to the Convention. Here, Jim is speaking with Dr. Carol Swain, Professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbuilt University School of Law. She was a featured presenter at the Public Policy debate.

A new feature of the Convention were the three Zoom luncheons giving attendees greater networking opportunities. Here Jim is shown hosting a table for television attendees. At the table are Legacy Programmer Mick Richards (Building a Difference) speaking on the far right, and Station Operator Dennis Elder (Sevierville, TN) and his wife on the far side of the table.

Kay Arthur (Precepts for Life) is shown at one of the zoom luncheons visiting with attendees.

It is a time for personal connections, seeing friends and family. Jim is speaking with Jim Whitmer of Wheaton, IL who along with Jim’s sister, Mary, serve as official photographers. In fact most all of these pictures are his and are courtesy of the NRB.

At the Tuesday night awards banquet, Joni Earekson Tada (Joni and Friends) was the 2012 inductee into the NRB Broadcasting hall of fame. She shown here with her husband, Ken Tada, and NRB leaders, President Frank Wright and Chairman Richard Bott.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (700 Club, Newswatch) was honored for 50 years of service to Christian Broadcasting. Accepting on behalf of CBN, was Gordon Robertson.

The featured performers at the banquet was the Annie Moses band, a Juliard-trained group of siblings who sang selections from their new CD, Pilgrims and Prodigals.

At last year’s NRB, the spectrum auction issue gave birth to a new organization, The Coalition for Free TV and Broadband. That volunteer organization has morphed into the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance whose purpose is to “preserve and promote the efficient and effective use of all television broadcast spectrum.”

Participating in the announcement at NRB, were Mark Aitken, Sinclair Broadcasting; Dr. Randy Weiss (EICB, Crosstalk) and  West.

For more information on the Alliance, visit www.BroadcastingAlliance.org

Recent News Release on “My Heart will Always Be In Carolina”

OBX Outer Banks, NC – Arts of the Albemarle, TCOM in Weeksville and The Museum of the Albemarle will be some of the shows featured
on the program, “My Heart Will Always Be In Carolina” as part of the nationwide broadcast of the TV series.

Ken Mann, Host of the show and President of Coastal Production Company announced this week that theWALKtv Network added the program to its broadcast line up in November.

“We are pleased to be a part in bringing the back roads and beaches of the Carolinas to a national audience. We love the beauty and diversity of America and celebrate with Ken Mann the interesting characters, history and stories that make it so unique,” said Jim West, President of the Network.

Coastal Production Company has produced over 120 episodes of the award winning program over the last 11 years. The program can be seen locally on the UNC TV Network and on a number of commercial TV stations in North Carolina and Virginia including WITN 7.1, WSKY TV 4.1 and WRAL 5.2. “My Heart Will Always Be In Carolina” will air on theWALKtv Network Wednesdays at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard time and at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

How far would you go to become an affiliate?

We think it would be hard to top the price John Schmidt paid to get our signal.

John and his wife, Dianne, work at Unity  Broadcasting Network, a group of several stations in N.E. Mississippi, and headquartered in Booneville.

In order to receive the network, John started clearing out the brush around one of the C-band dishes in the yard. While moving some brush and lumber, he suddenly was bitten by a cottonmouth snake on his hand. Within minutes his hand started turning blue the bite marks clearly seen.

But John didn’t run to the emergency room. This is because this is no unique experience for him. John has been bitten FOUR times by cottonmouths. Only once, did he get anti-venom when he was bitten on the ankle while mowing. Another time, he was bitten while also mowing and once while fishing. He now takes the bites in stride, perhaps having developed the resistance by now to the venom.

Hard story to top, huh!

The station group was founded in 1987 by Lealon Owens when, after broadcasting his “Glory to God Hour” at the station for two years, God gave him the vision of full-Christian programming on TV-53, after the management of the secular station announced that the station would be closing.

Bro. Lealon and several, dedicated volunteers found a way to make a dream come true. The owners of the station agreed to let Bro. Lealon Owens hold a
“Praise-a-Thon” for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for, not coincidentally, 53 days. “It was 53 days for TV-53”.

Volunteers manned the phones while many preachers and singing groups took their messages and music to the people and success was achieved. One person called near the end of the Praise-a-Thon and pledged $53.00 for TV-53 starting a trend that took TV-53 beyond their goal. At the end of the 53 days, supportive viewers and volunteers had donated money and auction items to accumulate twenty-six thousand, three hundred dollars ($26,300).

In March, 1990 UBN purchased 5.4 acres of land, including a house. This
purchase enabled the station to expand to two offices and a studio.

The stations exist to fill the spiritual needs of the people who are unable, or unwilling, to attend church by bringing church directly into their homes via television. Many people that can’t go to church say it has been church to them over the years. They say their broken hearts are healed, they gain hope, strength, and a reason to live while hearing the good news of the gospel.

TV 34 Booneville, MS, is the headquarters for all the stations: TV 18 Adamsville, TN, TV 39 Fulton, MS and TV 15 Pontotoc, MS.

 Welcome to KAQC

KAQC TV, lead by Randy Smith shown here, has been serving Atlanta and Queen City Texas with quality family programing since July 4th 1994. “We have strived to bring our viewers programs that any member of the family can watch without worrying about being embarrassed by what you might see. We also carry local programs such as church services and high school sports.We also have a large libaray of Classic TV shows from the 50’s and 60’s that we sprinkle in throughout the day.”

KAQC is seen on UHF channel 20, Cable channel 22 on Cobridge Communications in Atlanta Texas or online at www.casscountytoday.com


Here are some photos from NRB, 2011 in Nashville

Joni Eareckson Tada “Joni and Friends” receives an award from NRB Chairman Bill Skelton and NRB President Frank Wright. She received an award for the Radio Program of the Year (Short Form): “Diamonds in the Dust.” The whole purpose behind the Diamonds in the Dust features is to help the listener encounter Jesus Christ in new ways… to help them understand they must not try to erase ‘suffering’ out of the Christian’s dictionary… and to invite them onto a higher plane of trust and confidence in God by striding courageously into the fellowship of sharing in Christ’s sufferings.

(Left to Right) Charlene Baktamarian, host of “God’s View”, Debbie West, LegacyTV VP for Affiliations and Dorothy Spaulding of “Club 36”, “By the Book” and President of WBPI-TV/Watchmen Broadcasting of Augusta, GA, all meet at our booth at NRB.

LegacyTV President, Jim West, greets the team from “Randall Terry-The Voice of Resistance” on the exhibition floor of the NRB.

 The TV Reception at NRB sponsored by Dr. Randy Weiss, A network Board Member and host of “CrossTalk” and “Today With God.”

Pelle Karlsson, US President and Host of “Back to Jerusalem” stops by the  booth at NRB.

Thelma Wells, host of “Bee all you can Be”  also known as “Mamma T” signs copies of her new book on the Exhibition floor.

Kay Arthur, “Precepts for Life” is interviewed on the floor of the Exhibition.

At the closing Banquet, Kay was inducted into the NRB Hall of Fame. She graciously accepted on behalf of her husband Jack and the staff of Precepts for Life.

One of the many round-table, strategy sessions held at NRB to chart a course of action to  fight the FCC’s Broadband proposal-see home page.

Greg Herman and Amy Brown of Spectrum Evolution, one of the key players in the spectrum discussion with the FCC and Congress.

The Educational Session focusing on the Spectrum take-back, facilitated by Jim West. Gary Cocolla, President of Cocola Broadcasting Companies of Fresno, CA, addresses the attendees.

Panelists included Greg Herman, Warren Trumbly (KAXT-San Francisco), FCC Attorney Peter Tannenwald and Randy Weiss (CrossTalk, Today With God and owner of 58 LP stations)

Closing Banquet speaker, Chuck Swindoll, tells the audience the lessons he’s learned in ministry.

Gospel Singer Nicole Mullins leads the NRB in worship.

Most of the above pictures courtesy of the NRB and Jim & Mary Whitmer 

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