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Wednesdays, at 6PM ET

The Jet Set is a fresh new talk show designed to reinvent travel television and keep pace with the professional, leisure and aspiring traveler by experiencing the sights, sounds and scenery of destinations around the world or here at home, along with you!

As the first hybrid talk and travel show, ‘The Jet Set’ is anchored from its ‘jet’ television set complete with an airplane wing desk and actual set pieces built from a decommissioned Boeing 747. Alternatively, like other travel shows, ‘The Jet Set’ hits the road to feature destinations, attractions, festivals and unique adventures.

Travel and talk veterans Gailen David, Bobby Laurie and health and wellness expert Nikki Noya will keep you in the loop each week with a wide variety of guests from the entertainment and travel worlds, on-location experiences, and insight into the latest trends and current events.


Specials in May

Wednesday, May 2nd, 9PM EDT

DenialIn teaming with DEAN CAIN and MONTEL WILLIAMS, Denial is a one hour program not to be missed and probably will not be offered again. It’s a heart wrenching first person account of struggle and survival in the face of a destruction the world has chosen not to see. Hosts Dean Cain and Montel Williams come together to collaborate on a film with a mission they thought everyone would agree on: to stop genocide.

They were shocked to find that some people, even in our own government, would go to great lengths to try and stop them from bringing issues out into the open. This compelling one hour TV special, “DENIAL” exposes what those people didn’t want you to see. Every genocide shares a common thread. DENIAL. And when the perpetrators are not held accountable, genocide never stops. To illustrate that fact, Cain and Williams looked to a country that doesn’t exist. There, through the eyes of those who know first-hand and experts who help understand the issues, they follow a chain of genocide and denial that began over 100 years ago and continues to this day. It is a chain of violence faced not only by the innocent people of this unrecognized country but others all over the world. And it is graphic proof that genocide denied, is genocide continued..

Easter Specials


The Week That Changed the World

 8PM EDT 4-1-18

The resurrection happened. It’s not just the belief of Christians, it’s borne out by history, archaeology, and science. This documentary takes viewers step by step through the events of Holy Week—shedding light on the key players, unravelling the political intrigue, and answering longstanding questions about what happened, and why.


Professor of ancient history and world-renowned expert Dr. Paul L. Maier details the story, along with maps, graphics, and remarkable dramatic re-creations to bring Holy Week alive in a whole new way.


From Lutheran Ministries Envoy Productions:


Easter Is

3:30 PM EDT 4-1-2018


How do you draw Easter? In this animated special young Benji is chosen by his class to draw an Easter poster for a decorating contest. Benji knows that Easter is more than just colored eggs and cute rabbits, but what should he draw? Benji’s dog Waldo is kidnapped and they want a $5.00 ransom! Benji soon discovers how much he’s willing to give up just to get his dog back, just as Jesus gave everything he had to get us back. Realizing the true meaning of Easter, Benji now knows what to draw for his school poster.



The Puzzle Club® Easter Adventure

3:00 PM EDT 4-1-2018


Springtime brings a challenging case and more adventure for those three clever detectives of The Puzzle Club — Christopher, Korina and Alex. When Buzz Rafferty tries to hire them to find his missing cat, Angela, Alex turns him down. But when Buzz turns up missing too, the detectives take the case and the search is on! Before they can even begin, their trusted friend, Tobias, becomes so ill he must be rushed to the hospital. The club members are torn between solving their case or staying by their friend’s side. There’s not a moment to lose as the search for Buzz and Angela leaves the detectives trapped on a sinking boat! Join The Puzzle Club on this exciting adventure as they discover the true hope that Easter brings.


3 Days

6:00 PM EDT 4-1-2018


“I’ve seen him. He is alive!” Mary Magdalene’s words sound the victorious ending to a three-day ordeal of sorrow and grief. From the first Good Friday to the first Easter, Jesus’ disciples lived in tortured confusion. How could He have been the Messiah if mortal men could kill Him? What did all His promises mean? Could any one of them have prevented this horrible occurrence? If only they had possessed more courage, more loyalty. Then, in the early light on Sunday morning, Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and sends her back with joyous news: He lives and will be with us always!

“3 Days” is a dramatic representation of events that might have transpired among the disciples during a time that was the utmost test of their faith. More than just another reenactment of the Resurrection, “3 Days” portrays the often told Easter story with a “you are there” feel. The clever script and skillful acting bring true human dimensions to the events from Good Friday to Easter morning.



Billy Graham Classics

Tuesdays, 9PM ET

TV-Classics-Outline2Billy Graham is a world-famous, preacher, evangelist and author. He has delivered the gospel message to more people face-to-face than anyone else in history and has served the Christian church on every continent of the world. Millions have read his well-known inspirational classic books such as, Angels, The Secret of Happiness, Peace With God, Hope for the Troubled Heart, and How to be Born Again.

He also is a pioneer in the use of television, radio and film to spread the Gospel message.

Now, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is making available some of his classic televised sermons beginning in the 1950’s.billy-graham-houston-crusade

This rebroadcast of his gospel sermons delivered in major cities during his years as a worldwide evangelist will encourage and inspire as the foundational principles of salvation and the mercy of God are presented in clear and loving detail.







Wednesdays, 9PM EST

For Black History month, The Walk TV presents “For Love of Liberty,” four, one-hour specials saluting the heroic contributions of African American men and women in armed conflicts throughout our nation’s history—from the American Revolution to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The series is hosted by Halle Barry and features the voices of many distinguished actors, including Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Angela Bassett, Lou Gossett Jr., and many more.

Dramatic readings present first-hand accounts of African American servicemen and women, and their epic stories of courage, perseverance and personal triumph. Through letters, diaries, speeches, journalistic accounts, historical text and military records discover the fierce and faithful history of our African-American military leaders!