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Celebrating our national birthday, The Walk TV will air a four-hour special from our friends at WallBuilders:

wallbuilders-logoWallBuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built – a foundation which, in recent years, has been seriously attacked and undermined.

david-bartonDavid Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders. He is the author of numerous best-selling books, with the subjects being drawn largely from his massive library of tens of thousands of original writings from the Founding Era. He also addresses well over 400 groups each year. His exhaustive research has rendered him an expert in historical and constitutional issues and he serves as a consultant to state and federal legislators, has participated in several cases at the Supreme Court, was involved in the development of the History/Social Studies standards for states such as Texas and California, and has helped produce history textbooks now used in schools across the nation.

A national news organization has described him as “America’s historian,” and Time Magazine called him “a hero to millions – including some powerful politicians. In fact, Time Magazine named him as one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals.

Exceptional (7PM ET)

0000818_exceptional-dvd12_300America truly is a blessed nation. In so many important categories, she represents the exception rather than the rule among the nations of the world. Our exceptionalism encompasses great diversity of race, ethnicity, and religion, and has benefited every American. But today, American Exceptionalism is no longer understood or venerated. Following several decades of indoctrination in both education and politics, many Americans now seem ashamed of their country and feel compelled to apologize to others for it. We have been taught America’s flaws but little of its matchless benefits. What produced the blessings we take for granted that so many other nations only dream of? The answer is found in five principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence. Discover these principles and learn what every citizen can do to restore America’s greatness.

A Nation Adrift (8PM ET)

0000817_a-nation-adrift-dvd13_300America has long been a beacon of freedom, stability, and prosperity. But recent generations no longer understand the foundations upon which America was built. As a consequence, there is now a visible erosion of the unique principles that produced the success we long enjoyed. How do we recover and restore what is now being lost? Discover the historical and Biblical guidelines that helped individuals, families, businesses, and the nation become successful. Fortunately, these principles are timeless and therefore are still relevant today. If America is to be restored, Americans must rediscover the truth about our past and begin once again applying the principles that produce success. Featuring Timothy Barton.

America’s Godly Heritage (9PM -11PM ET)

0000147_americas-godly-heritage-dvd01_300America’s Godly Heritage clearly sets forth the beliefs of many of the famous Founding Fathers concerning the proper role of Christian principles in education, in government, and in the public affairs of the nation. The beliefs of Founders George Washington, John Adams, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, George Mason, John Quincy Adams, and many others are clearly presented. America’s Godly Heritage also provides excerpts from court cases showing that for 160 years, Christian principles were part of official American public life. This program, and the book by the same title, graphically display statistics showing what has happened to America since the courts have begun rejecting the Founders’ beliefs.

Under The Vegas Sun with Steve Schorr (Midnight ET Saturdays)

SchorrMultiple Emmy awardee Steve Schorr shares great moments with important people that helped shape Las Vegas into its present state today. Get the scoop from Vegas’ movers and shakers, and be ahead of the pack as Steve Schorr shares the latest and the most relevant “Insider News”.  vegasThe half-hour weekly show features guests such as Pat Christenson, CEO of Las Vegas Events, responsible for all the gigantic events in Las Vegas, like NASCAR; and, Las Vegas entertainment icon, Clint Holmes.


Fridays, 6PM ET

ASIA TRAVEL LOGOASIA TRAVEL is a half-hour travel program produced by Living Asia Channel. The Manila-based production crew travels to thousands of Islands in the Philippines and to neighboring Asian Countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Vietnam, among others, in search of exotic and eco-friendly nature destinations.


PARADISE1Asia Travel, is a Philippine-made program designed to air in North America. It showcases the best of Asian destinations, finds, culture, cuisine, fashion, people, business, issues and investment opportunities in the Philippines and Asia.




PARADISE4Discover nature at its best in un-choreographed settings as told by locals and the crew of Living Asia Channel.










Gary Lewis’ Frontier Unlimited

Saturdays, 9:00 AM EDT

Gary Lewis’ Frontier Unlimited, brought to you by Nosler:

GLO_FU_logo On the heels of the award-winning Gary Lewis’ Adventure Journal comes the new weekly outdoor TV show called Frontier Unlimited.

In this hunting and fishing TV show, get up close and personal with some of the best guides in the region and around the world. Learn how to make the most of your time in the field and on the water. Hunting and fishing TV show host—Gary Lewis, takes you there with an exciting new outdoor show.

SD_Phe 266Gary Lewis was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been running rivers and walking forest trails for as long as he can remember. He has hunted and fished in seven countries on three continents and in the islands of the South Pacific. This hunting and fishing TV show host is an award-winning newspaper columnist for The Bend Bulletin. He has published 15 books, written hundreds of magazine articles and appeared in three DVDs. He is a past and current president of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and a recipient of NOWA’s Enos Bradner Award. His credits include Sports Afield, Rifle, Successful Hunter, African Hunting Gazette, Covey Rise, Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Game & Fish and MDF. Lewis lives in Central Oregon. With his wife of 27 years, Merrilee, he has three daughters, all accomplished hunters in their own right.138

Each episode of Gary Lewis’ Frontier Unlimited weaves a tale in the context of hunting and fishing. His love of the language, his love of the hunt and keen interest in culture flows in each current of the story. In every 30-minute episode, award-winning storyteller Gary Lewis brings his innate sense of wonder and curiosity to the screen.

The talent behind the scenes is the founder of Hillshadow Pictures, Sam Pyke, a storyteller in the visual medium. GL_SamPyke_1His work is characterized by time-lapse photography, thoughtful angles, underwater photography and a sense of the individual. Through his work on the show and in his own rugged style, Pyke has become a do-it-yourself hunter and angler with an enthusiasm for historic firearms, accurate rifles and the backcountry. His reward has come in the early recognition of his work with awards from the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.

The Final Word

Sundays, 6PM ET

a1cda7_071232bb11de4d3c9617130fff5cb898_jpg_srz_344_193_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Instead of watering down the Truth, it time to obey it!  Many preachers and leaders continue to just focus on money and things, but the Word of God is a book of life principles.  In fact, the feel good preacher fails to tell you the basic requirements needed to walk in the blessing of God.   Fervent Fire Ministries out of Tulsa, OK is releasing “The Final Word” television broadcast. With a direct style, and a mouthful of truth, Scott C. Lovett is going to speak directly to the nation.  The broadcast is sure to deal with the issues of our day, such as socialism, a complacent church, lukewarm leadership, and much more. You won’t want to miss it!

Headshot With BG 1Scott and his wife, Christine have held revival meetings across the United States for the past eighteen years. In 1999, they officially founded Fervent Fire Evangelistic Ministries in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In 2004, God asked them to plant a five fold ministry church to be used to raise up ministers. During their time in ministry they have seen countless individuals saved, healed, and filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Together, they have a desire to see God restore and revive the last day church to place of unity and power. Scott and Christine both attended ORU. They are currently founding many churches, ministries, and raising up fivefold ministers to bring in the last day harvest. With a direct and dynamic preaching style, powerful praise and worship ministry, and the gifts of Holy Spirit in operation, God continues to use this couple to minister to the hearts of people who desire a real experience with the Lord.


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