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The Urban Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

8:30 PM Sunday

Evans1Dr. Tony Evans is one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles. As a pastor, teacher, author and speaker, he serves the body of Christ through his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple, yet profound, illustrations. While addressing the practical issues of today, Dr. Evans is known as a relevant expositor. New and veteran pastors alike regard him as a pastor of pastors and a father in the faith.


Through his local church and national ministry Dr. Evans promotes a Kingdom agenda philosophy that teaches God’s comprehensive rule over every sphere of life as demonstrated through the individual, family, church and society.


The first African-American to graduate with a doctoral degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), he served as an associate professor in DTS’ Pastoral Ministries Department in the areas of evangelism, homiletics and black church studies. He continues to serve DTS on the Board of Incorporate Members. Dr. Evans holds the rare honor of serving as chaplain for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks over the last three decades, the longest standing NBA chaplaincy on record. He is also the former chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys.


This philosophy connects biblical spirituality with social responsibility. Dr. Evans teaches that the church, not the government, is the best social service delivery system since it is closer to the needs of the people, offers the largest potential volunteer force, has facilities for outreach programs, and provides a moral and spiritual frame of reference for making right choices.


Evans2At the heart of this vision is the use of church and school partnerships to effect spiritual and social change in communities. Dr. Evans’ church and school outreach philosophy has been attributed as a catalyst for former President George W. Bush’s Faith Based Initiative, which was his first formal act of office. Dr. Evans seeks to train churches, schools and volunteers in this philosophy, as well as in the functional practicalities, through the National Church Adopt-A-School Initiative which is a ministry underneath the umbrella of The Urban Alternative.


Dr. Evans has served as the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for over 36 years, witnessing its growth from ten people in 1976 to now over 9,700 congregants with 100 plus ministries.

Las Vegas Tonight

Saturdays, 11PM EDT

Dale1Dale Davidson is President of KEEN-17 TV and host of “Las Vegas Tonight,” an interview program that has run on the station for six years. Now, it is available on Saturday nights on The Walk TV. “Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and millions of people around the world find it to be a fascinating city. They will learn that it is also a center for Christian ministry and evangelism,” Davidson said.

Episodes include interviews with Christian entertainers, sports figures, business and community leaders and innovative pastors and evangelists. The popular show airs at 9 pm weekdays on KEEN-TV, CHANNEL 17.1, and will now be seen on “The Walk TV” affiliates at 11 pm EDT Saturday evenings as well, beginning May 3rd.

A companion book, “Las Vegas Tonight: From Sin City to Vegas Saints,” will be published and offered to viewers via the program. The book features a dozen of interesting show guests from its first six seasons.




Welcome Calvary Chapel, Melbourne, FL

5PM EDT Sundays

02Their story began in March of 1992 when a small group of believers met in a hotel room with a pastor whose day job was in hospital pharmacy! As the church grew, they met in different places around town until taking a leap of faith to build a small sanctuary and some classrooms in 1997. Since then CCM has exploded into a thriving community of believers where thousands are being changed by God’s Word each week. As a multi-site church, they are truly one church in many locations, sharing the love through live video streaming at our video campuses in Viera, Sebastian and East Orlando, and God’s Word through radio, the web and Roku! They’re also big into missions, raising up pastors through our School of Ministry and sending teams to take the gospel around the world.

markbalmerMark Balmer is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Melbourne. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, he moved his family to Florida in 1966 to become the Director of Hospital Pharmacy at a local hospital; a position he held for 25 years. Saved at the age of 5, with both his father and grandfather in the ministry, he had helped establish Florida’s first Calvary Chapel in Merritt Island and faithfully taught there as a lay leader. Then God stirred his heart to plant a Calvary Chapel in the Melbourne-Palm Bay area, and after much prayer, Calvary Chapel Melbourne was born in March of 1992.

Since that time, God has blessed the church with tremendous growth. Today well over 9,000 people worship each weekend between the main West Melbourne campus and on the video campuses in Viera and Sebastian. Pastor Mark’s messages are heard daily on the radio program, Lessons for Living, and thousands around the world watch our services live each week on the Internet and on Roku. He also teaches annually in different parts of Asia. As a pastor-teacher and author of multiple books, God has gifted Pastor Mark to communicate the truths of God’s Word in a practical, straightforward style that challenges Christ followers and unbelievers alike. He is supported in ministry by Lynda, his wife of 44 years, who adds her own God-given gifts to the Melbourne fellowship.

Calvary ChapelThe core values here at Calvary Chapel Melbourne can be summed up with ­five C’s. We commit our lives to Christ and celebrate the fulfilling lifestyle, connecting to others through personal relationships, communicating the Good News and contributing our time, passion, talents and possessions to the cause of Christ.

Easter Specials

Six Miracles of Calvary

10PM 4-19-14

More than 2,000 years ago, extraordinary things happened at Calvary that modern science and human reasoning consider impossible. A midday sky turned dark; the veil in the temple suddenly split; an earthquake shook the land; graves opened; Jesus’ graveclothes were found undisturbed; and saints rose to life and walked the streets of Jerusalem.

The Six Miracles of Calvary looks historically and reflectively at these remarkable events surrounding the death and resurrection of Christ. In interviews with leading scholars, the meaning and purpose of each occurrence is examined, highlighting its significance to Christ’s suffering and relevance to the challenges faced by those who follow Him. Filmed on location in Israel and featuring singer-songwriter Shannon Wexelberg, this absorbing program recaptures the Easter story and increases awe for God, His power, and His unfailing love.




The Tomb of Jesus

9PM 4-26-14

A4244D6A3D1347E3BD2A1EC544328F6AIn this documentary , Simon Brown’s team visit two tombs believed to be the tombs where Jesus Christ was laid and later rose. However Jesus could not have been laid and risen from both tombs, which one is the genuine one? Is there any evidence to support the fact that either of these sites is the genuine one?






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