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‘Tween You and Me

Fridays, 4:30 PM ET


Tween you and me is a variety show – complete with hilarious games, exciting music, live human videos and comedy sketches that have a purpose. Each week the cast stars in a different role because they’re soooo talented and love to do multiple characters! One week you might see an actor as a dad, the next episode the school principal and on the next one he might be a child! This is part of our “unique” flavor that’s different than most kids shows. The sketches are really cool and funny and yet bring home a main point about God’s plan for you!  Kidz

KidzAblaze Ministries: The show was created by the students and the adults that make up KidzAblaze Ministries. This group numbers over 50 people who have a heart to see God move mightily in the hearts of kids all across the world



Samaritan’s Purse

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In case you missed the specials, it’s still not too late to participate. Please visit: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/

(For a listing of all Christmas specials and movies, see the entire list under the Schedule Tab)

Featured Movies:

Wheel of Knowing

Thursday, December 4th 9PM ET

Wheel of KnowingMelanie has life all figured out. She knows she can conquer any challenge as the perfect Christian wife and mother. Against the advice of her family, Melanie brings her Alzheimer’s inflicted father, Sam into her home. Although she’s certain she can help, Sam’s delusions and disruptions start to unravel Melanie’s “perfect” life. In her attempt to reach Sam, Melanie fails to notice her own family falling apart. Caught between countless obstacles and Sam’s relentless needs, she begins to feel as lost as her father. Stretched to the brink, Melanie must find a salvation that is beyond her own understanding. Something that might be locked in Sam’s broken mind. Something that must be revealed by God.

Saint Street

Thursday, December 11th, 9PM ET

Saint StreetChristmas Eve has arrived and Percy is still hard at work late into the night, once again breaking his promises to his wife and kids that he would leave early so that they could drive to their traditional family Christmas party. After being warned time and again to change his ways from a heavenly being from beyond, Percy is about to experience some grave consequences for his actions. In a series of tragic events, Percy faces humble circumstances after losing everything in a car accident — his family, job and home. Paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, he is forced to be homeless and live in the gritty world of misfits on Saint Street. It is on Saint Street where Percy sees the light and changes his ways trough the examples of the most unlikely of souls. We soon discover that things aren’t always what they seem and second chances and redemption just might be closer that we think.

The Perfect Gift

Thursday, December 18th, 9PM ET

Perfect GiftMaxine Noelle Westray (Christina Fougnie) is a beautiful and wealthy girl, yet she is incredibly spoiled and bratty. Born on Christmas, she only sees that day as a time for lavish and expensive gifts. Her overworked executive mother (Amy Hess) is struggling to provide “suitable” gifts for her young children. A disillusioned young minister (Matt Wallace) does not see Christmas as a minister should. Then one day a drifter ( Jefferson Moore) comes into town and changes these three people’s lives forever by teaching them the true meaning of Christmas and that the best gift of all doesn’t come in wrapping.

A Christmas Snow

Thursday, December 25th, 9PM ET

A Christmas SnowFor the past 30 years, Kathleen has carried around the haunting memory of her father abandoning her and her mother on Christmas Eve. She blames her mother for that night and now refuses to celebrate Christmas at all. Although she tries to forget her past, it has not forgotten her. Because of a blizzard, Kathleen finds herself stuck in her home with two strangers during the days leading up to Christmas. Sam, a gentle older man Kathleen took in for the night, and Lucy, the daughter of her soon to be fiancé bring her face to face with the hurts of her past. She has to choose between letting go and grabbing hold of a life-changing forgiveness, or continuing to carry her pain and bitterness


Gigging and Grubbing

Saturdays, 6PM ET

1722551_300x300Discover where the tour bus stops to eat, and where musicians sing for their supper! The creators of Gigging and Grubbing are on the road to discover live music and fantastic food. In each episode, singer-songwriters share their favorite tour stops for grub. Independent eateries reward their fans with special offers. Part of the proceeds from food sales supports the artist!


So, Gigging & Grubbing helps viewers discover the best live singers, songwriters, bands and their favorite food stops from the road. A memorable meal and live event, shared with friends and family, is the original social network.


Gigging & Grubbing was founded by Kenny Rudolph, to create new revenue streams for musicians, to introduce new loyal customers to tour-tested – artist-approved restaurants, and to be a catalyst in driving “pay-it-forward” consumer participation in the original social network: a mouth-watering meal and unforgettable live concert!




Wednesday, October 22nd, 9PM ET


Did you know that America has seen darker days in the past than those we are facing right now? Two hundred years ago we were in the midst of the War of 1812. The U.S. Capitol and the White House were burning. Average citizens like us hung their heads in shame…but God! Yes God intervened and a series of events occurred that saved America and led to the writing of our National

Anthem: The Star Spangled Banner. And 200 years later our flag is still there! 

Learn about the forgotten story of the great acts of faith behind our National Anthem. Few citizens have ever heard the story of how God used ordinary Christians to do extraordinary things during the desperate days of 1814. You will be informed, inspired, and challenged to believe God for another divine intervention in our great nation that He has established. You will also be encouraged to:  

• Pray for the upcoming election. 

• Prepare by registering themselves and others to vote. 

• Participate by casting their vote on November 4th. 

Don’t miss this historic event!



The Flipside

9PM Fridays, ET



The Flipside with Michael Loftus offers a fresh perspective by taking on the flipside of the news, commentary, and pop-culture that America now calls the status quo. Featuring interviews with thought-provoking and diverse guests, fearless satire poking fun at the powers-that-be, and loads of fun, The Flipside with Michael Loftus is a show not to be missed.


Flipside-LoftusMichael Loftus is one of the busiest performer/writers in comedy today. His background in improvisational comedy began with the founding of the Midwest Comedy Tool & Die Comedy Troup. He went on to perform with Acme Theater in Hollywood. He is currently a writer/producer on the FX Charlie Sheen sitcom “Anger Management” which will reach 100 episodes later this year. He has also been a regular on TruTV’s “The Smoking Gun Presents.

Liberty Football is Back!

Turner-Gill-LibertyTurner Gill begins his third season as Liberty’s head coach, after leading the Flames a pair of Big South Conference titles during his first two years at the helm. Saturday’s game will be the Flames’ first-ever gridiron matchup with North Carolina and the first time Liberty has ever faced a nationally ranked FBS foe. The Tar Heels enter the contest ranked No. 23 in both the AP and USA Today Coaches Polls.


MediaGuide-Cover2013-1-smallerLiberty, which has captured six Big South Conference championships in the last seven years, is picked to finish second in the conference in 2014. Senior cornerback Kenny Scott is one tackle shy of 100 for his career entering the North Carolina game.


liberty flames logoLiberty closed out the 2013 season with five straight victories. Junior Josh Woodrum is already climbing numerous Liberty career lists as he enters his third season as Liberty’s starting quarterback. Kicker Avery Echols and safety Avery “A.J.” James are the true freshmen most likely to see playing time for the Flames on Saturday.


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